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  >  No-Fault Automobile Litigation

As everyone in Michigan is aware, No-Fault insurance is an ever-present part of operating and owning a motor vehicle.

This area of the law rests heavily on interpretation of the No-Fault statute. Though No-Fault was intended to lessen the amount of litigation arising out of motor vehicle accidents, there are still many cases where the courts are called upon to determine if a particular claimant is entitled to benefits.

These disputes arise in a variety of contexts. In some cases, a person covered under a No-Fault policy brings suit alleging entitlement to benefits. In other cases, a medical provider of a person injured in a motor vehicle accident brings suit seeking payment for services rendered to a person injured in that accident.  In still other cases, the coverage provider brings suit seeking a declaration that no coverage is owed.

The entire statute was the subject of highly publicized reforms in 2019, which will be taking effect over the next few years. At Mellon Pries Kowalski, P.C., we understand the nuances of this area of the law, and on staying up to date as the law changes with the statutory requirements. We work to ensure that covered injuries are compensated, while also ensuring that run-away medical costs do not further erode the system, by granting medical providers compensation for services which far exceeds the value of those services provided.